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Parks and gardens

Parks and gardens

Looking to get some fresh air? In a natural setting of hedged farmland, indulge your senses in a selection of green spaces. Admire the cocktail of colours, breathe in the fragrant scent of flowers, listen to the sweet sound of birdsong and feel the softness of petals. Formal French gardens, wild English gardens, gardens that cocoon the visitor and promote well-being… Recharge your batteries as you discover parks and gardens in Lisieux Normandie.

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The most beautiful parks and gardens around Lisieux

Three gardens labeled “Remarkable Gardens”

Lisieux Normandie is the dream destination for park and garden enthusiasts and nature lovers. Three gardens labeled “remarkable garden” are open to visitors around Lisieux. In Cambremer, the Jardins du Pays d’Auge, one of the most beautiful gardens in France, offers a cocktail of vegetal atmospheres, volumes, colors and scents on 3 hectares. The Gardens of the Château de Canon transport you to the 18th century with superb French gardens on the courtyard side, “wild” English gardens on the park side and the Chartreuses, walled gardens sheltering perennial plants. The Gardens of the Château de Boutemont are also not to be missed with very beautiful French gardens as an extension of the Château which have obtained, in addition to the national label “Remarkable Garden”, the grand prize EBTS (French Association for Topiary Art and Boxwood) in 2016.

Arboretum, squares and parks in Lisieux Normandie

To stroll and recharge your batteries

In the city center of Lisieux, a city of around 20,000 inhabitants and the capital of the Pays d’Auge, numerous squares, parks and gardens play the role of green lung where locals and tourists love to stroll and take the time to breathe. The Lisieux public garden, located behind Saint-Pierre Cathedral and called Jardin de l’Evêché, with its gardens and fountain offers a space of nature and freshness in the heart of the city. The Lisieux Arboretum is spread over 12 hectares in the city center and allows you to discover 700 trees of 130 varieties. In Lisieux Normandie, many parks and gardens are worth a detour such as the Parc du Manoir de l’Isle in Livarot and its beautiful promenade or the Conservatory Garden of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives and its more than 500 plants formerly cultivated in Pays d ‘Auge(rare flowers and shrubs, forgotten vegetables, remedy plants …).