Pêche Dans La Touques ©Julien BoisardPêche Dans La Touques ©Julien Boisard
©Pêche Dans La Touques ©Julien Boisard|BOISARD Julien


Real ace of the reel in search of sport fishing? Rather amateur of recreational fishing? With its rivers and ponds, Authentic Normandy is an ideal area for fishing enthusiasts. Custodians of fishing licenses, fishing route in La Touques or La Dives, fishing ponds, accommodation suitable for fishermen, 100% fishing stay… Find here all the practical information for fishing during your holidays in Normandy. You will bite the hook!

Where to get the fishing license ?

Where to get the fishing license ?

Buy the fishing license online

Buy it online on www.cartedepeche.fr

By the fishing license from custodians


  • Lisieux Tourist office
  • Décathlon Lisieux


  • Livarot tourist information point


  • Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives tourist information point


  • Orbec tourist information point


  • Maison de la Presse – 105 Rue Jules Guesde, 14270 Mézidon Vallée d’Auge – 02 31 20 09 58


    • Cambremer tourist information point

Fishing in La Touques and La Paquine

Fishing in La Dives

La Dives fishing route

Société de Pêche La Gaule Pétruvienne’s fishing routes

La Gaule Pétruvienne

Téléphone : 06 85 48 81 29

Fishing in La Vie

La Vie fishing route

Société de Pêche Vie et Viette’s fishing routes

Vie et Viette

Téléphone : 09 77 73 58 62

Société de Pêche La Gaule Livarotaise’s fishing routes

La Gaule Livarotaise

Tél. 02 31 63 12 70