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City maps, destination brochure, thematic maps, tourist routes … Please find here the tourist and practical documentation to discover the Authentic Normandy.


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Authentic Normandy

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The tourist guide to discover the Authentic Normandy

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Welcome !

Welcome to the Authentic Normandy territory, a territory of exception and excellence, a real holiday destination, which opens to make you discover its authenticity. Our territory is lived, breathed and savored. Thank to our geographical position, in the heart of Normandy, a few hours from major cities like Paris, London, a few minutes from Deauville, Trouville and Cabourg, Authentic Normandy wants to show you that living here is a lifestyle choice and sharing with you the true lifestyle.

By browsing this magazine, we invite you to discover the diversity and quality of our sites in the heart of Pays d’Auge. All the providers presented in this brochure share our spirit of excellence and offer a warm and human welcome. Our entire team remains at your disposal with the will to offer you the best solutions for your stay alone, with friends or family.

City maps

Authentic Normandy

Cambremer city map

Picturesque village of the Pays d’Auge, Cambremer is the starting point of the Route du Cidre, 40 kilometers circuit crisscrossing the Pays d’Auge from producer to producer. The AOC/PDO festival is organized every year in may. Its rich built heritage is composed of traditional half-timbered buildings, including a former coaching inn called « Le Cadran ». Nature lovers will find their happiness in the Jardins du Pays d’Auge : many plant scenes on a hilly site of 3 hectares. Gourmands can visit the Huet Distillery, located next to the gardens. An old-fashionned a market is present in the village on Sundays mornings, Easter, Pentecost and July and August.

Lisieux city map

If Lisieux is today known worldwide thanks to Sainte-Thérèse, its foundation dates back to much older times. The capital city of Pays d’Auge is one of the oldest cities in Normandy. Take the time to stroll throught the city where you will discover a rich civil and religious heritage.

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Livarot city map

Specialized in the metallurgical production from antiquity to the seventeenth century, Livarot is especially famous for its cheese. This famous « Colonel » brought wealth and prosperity to the city during the first part of the twentieth century. This specificity of cheese still remains a source of interest today since the secrets of making PDO cheeses from the Pays d’Auge are to be discovered at the Graindorge cheese factory, a free visit that alone deserves to come. The surrounding countryside of Livarot also benefits from a network of hiking trails for experienced walkers and family walks. Manor houses, wash houses and other typical churches adorn a verdant grove. Many producers will put the mouth water of hikers.

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Mézidon-Canon city map

Mézidon-Canon, between Pays d’Auge and Caen plain, is the westernmost gateway to the territory. The gardens of Château de Canon, classified as « remarkable gardens » or the medieval castle of Crèvecœur are two must-see tourist sites in this area, which will delight lovers of history and beautiful places. To discover also with family, the educational farm of Canon: on a course of 1h30, one finds all the animals of the farm to touch and to pet ! A spiky trail full of surprises takes visitors to the middle of the paddocks, orchards and along the river. In addition to animals, children enjoy an adventure trail and a zip line, and parents enjoy organic farm products. In Mézidon-Canon there is also a concert hall, the Loco, which offers an annual program of concerts and various shows.

Moyaux city map

The heritage of this typical village, in which reside approximately 1200 inhabitants, will seduce the visitors. Around the village square and its church tower tors, we admire a beautiful set of wooden houses very typical of Augeronne architecture.

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Orbec city map

Located at the edge of the departments of Eure and Orne, the small medieval town of Orbec (about 2500 inhabitants) has a well-preserved traditional heritage. A walk in town allows you to discover houses in wooden pan and appreciate the quality and variety of Norman products at its merchants. Many hiking trails from Orbec allow you discover the region and its assets: mansions, stud farms, small country churches, laundries, …

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Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives city map

This city of 3700 inhabitants can pride itself with its abbey, its conventual buildings and its medieval hall to have in the heart of the city center an architectural heritage of rare wealth. The village is particularly lively on Monday morning with the traditional market, one of the most famous in the region.

Thematic maps

Authentic Normandy

Cellars Route

Discover the cideries, distilleries and cheese factories of Authentic Normandy

With more than 30 producers of cider and distilleries and 13 cheese factories, discover the authenticity of a terroir by browsing our Cellars Route ! Experience the flavors and fragrances ! Meet the producers who share with you the little secrets of their know-how ! Take the time to visit and enjoy the tastings before indulging yourself in the shops, markets or local grocery stores.

  • Route Des Caves En Authentic NormandyRoute Des Caves En Authentic Normandy
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    Cellars Route1MB

Castles and Manors Route

Discover the castles and manor houses of Authentic Normandy

Scattered in our countryside, hidden in lush nature, the Authentic Normandy is home to an extraordinary number of mansions and castles. 131 are revealed to you on this road. From the little visible manor of the road or the hiking trail to the castle open to the public, exercise your eye, be attentive! They will do your admiration. What a pleasure to observe the diversity of their shapes, their colors and their building materials! They play the surprise at the turn of your walk!

Our turnkey stays

Authentic Normandy

Romantic getaway in Normandy

Romantic Weekend in Authentic Normandy

For a weekend in love, a stay in an upscale hotel combining trendy decor and quality table, or you want to sleep in an unusual setting, rest assured, all this is possible. Cozy hotel in the city center, bed and breakfast in the countryside, refined farmhouse, caravan, safari tents to observe wild animals or even tree house, there is really something for everyone. Walk hand in hand in a garden and romantic dinner eyes in the eyes. No getaway for two without a moment of well-being. A large selection of spas and relaxation areas now offered by most hotels, when they are not fully dedicated to fitness.

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Fishing week-end in Normandy

You will bite the hook !

Beginner or pro fly, solo, two or friends, fishing for sea trout is practiced in Normandy. Two hours from Paris, go on the banks of La Touques. For connoisseurs, this river is among the best in Europe. For a weekend, Gaël Even accompanies the fans or the curious of this tonic activity. A true specialist: Lisieux fishing guide, Gaël has been crowned French champion and three times world championship winner. To your flies!

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Family weekend with animals in Normandy

Your children will love it !

Direction Authentic Normandy to live an unforgettable family weekend around animals. The first day is dedicated to the discovery of farm animals. Pigs, chickens, goats … The educational farm of Canon and the farm of the Tuilerie are ideal to leave their meeting. You can even pet them. Enjoy lunch to discover our local products. This first day ends with a dinner at the zoo and a night among the animals. Magical. The next day, discover the Cerza, the biggest zoo in Normandy, where more than 1500 animals await you. As an option, become a trainer for a day with the teaching team. In short, a weekend of total contact with our animal friends.

24 hours around Saint-Pierre

Live a Monday in Normandy

This tourist product offers you to live 24 hours around Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives. Renowned throughout the region for its former abbey and its old medieval hall, the town is also known for its large Monday market. Your basket in hand, leave early in the morning to discover Norman products. Enjoy the lunch break to try the traditional Norman cuisine. In the afternoon, digestive and contemplative walk in one of the most beautiful gardens of Normandy: The Canon Castle gardens. The day ends with a night in an exceptional bed and breakfast: « Zen getaway » at the Presbytery of Saint-Loup-de-Fribois with pool and beauty treatments or « serenity stay » at the Villa des Tilleuls in Cambremer.

A day in Pays d’Auge

The riches of Authentic Normandy in 24 hours

During this 100% Pays d’Auge day, you will discover our famous Norman cheeses by visiting the Graindorge cheese factory in Livarot. At the end of the morning, you will discover the manor of Coupesarte, one of the most beautiful half-timbered mansions in the region. After a lunch break in Lisieux around the local cuisine, you will visit the Capital of the Pays d’Auge and its most famous monument: the Basilica of St. Therese. At the end of the afternoon, you will leave Lisieux to return to the countryside and visit Le Lieu Chéri, a cider house / distillery located in Ouilly-le-Vicomte. We wish you a nice day in Authentic Normandy!

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5 days of authentic discoveries

A cocktail of outing ideas over a week

In Normandy for a week? Here is a program of authentic discoveries established over 5 days. Stroll on the market, meeting with the donkeys, city tours like Orbec and Lisieux, getaway on the other side of the Seine in Fécamp and Etretat, visits to castles and monuments, visits to cheese factories and cideries / distilleries, restaurants, accommodation … A concentrate of Normandy for an unforgettable holiday!

Tourist map

Metropolitan Pole of the Seine Estuary

Tourist map of the Metropolitan Pole of the Seine Estuary

The territory of the Lisieux Normandie is part of the Metropolitan Pole of the Seine Estuary. Heritage, nature, leisure, local flavors … In this tourist map, find all the sites and places to visit not to be missed during your visit to Normandy, on one side or the other of the Seine.

  • Carte Touristique Pole Metropolitain De L'estuaire De La SeineCarte Touristique Pole Metropolitain De L'estuaire De La Seine
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